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Video Comments

Questions about citizenship are at the centre of academic as well as political controversies. EUDO CITIZENSHIP wants to encourage open debates based on evidence and knowledge, and conducted in a spirit of mutual respect.

EUDO CITIZENSHIP offers two online platforms where researchers, policy-makers and NGOs can submit comments:

Our Citizenship Forum invites comments written specifically for the EUDO CITIZENSHIP website on a specific question of general and long-term interest.

Our aim is to promote lively controversies about research hypotheses and findings as well as about proposals for policy reform.

Our Video Comments page collects short video statements on current citizenship news and documents presentations at EUDO CITIZENSHIP events.

We invite video comments in English on topics covered by EUDO CITIZENSHIP. Comments should be as short as possible (no more than 10 minutes).

They must be well-informed but free of technical language and academic jargon. Comments should be to the point and aim to stimulate debates but must never be offensive or insulting.

We do not provide for direct posting of comments. If you want to contribute a video comment, please send an email to EUDO.Citizenship@eui.eu including your affiliation and a brief statement what your comment will be about. We will then send you technical instructions.


Video Comments series

Rainer Bauböck: Still United in Diversity?, The State of the Union Address, 5 May 2017

Watch Rainer Bauböck’s State of the Union Address ‘Still United in Diversity?’, State of the Union Conference, 5 May 2017 (text version here).


Genuine Links and Useful Passports: A Decline of Citizenship?, 4 May 2017.

Watch the video of the panel “Genuine Links and Useful Passports: A Decline of Citizenship?”, State of the Union Conference, Florence, 4 May 2017


EUDO Citizenship consortium member René de Groot's valedictorian lecture at Maastricht University  "Towards a toolbox for nationality legislation", 14 October 2016.

Watch valedictory speech of René De Groot, professor of Comparative Law and International Private Law at Maastricht University. Prof. De Groot believes that the bill, which is currently being reviewed by the Dutch House of Representatives is completely unnecessary.

EUDO Co-Director Maarten Vink's inaugural lecture at Maastricht University  on "elusive citizenship"

Watch Maarten Vink’s inaugural lecture as professor of political science and political sociology at Maastricht University on 1 May 2015. This lecture discusses how states regulate the acquisition and loss of citizenship. Research shows that making the requirements for citizenship more difficult discourages those immigrants who need it most. 

EUDO Co-Director Rainer Bauböck speaks at the Jüdisches Museum Berlin, 7 April 2014.

Watch Rainer Bauböck’s keynote „Staatsbürgerschaft in Theorie und Praxis – ein europäischer Streifzug“ at the Jüdisches Museum Berlin on 7 April  2014

Italian Minister Kyenge defends her ius soli proposal at the EUI's State of the Union conference, 9 May 2013.

    Italian Integration Minister Cécile Kashetu Kyenge speaks at the EUI's State of the Union Conference on 9 May 2013.

Immigrant Integration and Access to Citizenship, Maarten Vink, EUDO CITIZENSHIP co-director


EUDO CITIZENSHIP co-director Maarten Vink explains the link between immigrant integration and access to citizenship. 

Hannes Swoboda. ACIT final conference, Brussels, 22 Februray 2013


Hannes Swoboda, Member of the European Parliament (Austria, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats) participated with this video in the ACIT final event.


Italy and the Rights of Others. Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò, New York University,
16 November 2012.


Access to citizenship and political rights of the emigrants, immigrants, and their descendants. A conversation with Guido Tintori, NYU and Nadia Urbinati, Columbia.


Comments on electoral rights and vote of non-residents, EUDO Dissemination Conference 2011 on Inclusive Democracy in Europe, European Parliament, 9-10 November 2011.

Panel 1: External electoral rights for non-residents (in the EU and in Third Countries).The Evolution of Electoral Law and Democratic Norms



External Voting: European Trends and Democratic Concerns, Rainer Bauböck, EUI







External Voting: the Difference that the EU Makes, David Owen, University of Southampton






External Voting: Emergent Standards and Practices in the OSCE Region, Jeremy Grace, SUNY Geneseo



Panel 2 – Internal Electoral Rights for Non-Citizen Residents (TCN and EU Citizens Residing in Other MS). The Evolution of Electoral Law and Democratic Norms


How and Why Do Non-Citizen Voting Rights Matter in the EU? Jo Shaw, University of Edinburgh






Seizing Opportunities – Becoming an Active Citizen, Jan Niessen, Migration Policy Group





Electoral Rights for Non-Citizen Residents in Ireland: Reflections on the 2004 and 2009 Local Elections and Beyond, Fidele Mutwarasibo, Immigrant Council of Ireland



 Panel 4 – Mobilizing the Vote of Non-Residents and Naturalised Immigrants.Voter Turnout and Electoral Impact


Political Participation of EU Immigrants, Mark Franklin, EUI




The Migrant Voter. How the Internet Creates a New Electorate, Alexander H. Trechsel, EUI





Electoral participation of citizen immigrants in European Union countries, Stéfanie André, Tilburg University




Watch the other panels and the keynote speech by Shirley Williams here.


Comments on Citizenship in Europe and the ECJ judgment in the Rottmann, Zambrano and McCarthy cases


Dimitry Kochenov talks at University College London on A Real European Citizenship: the ECJ Opening a New Chapter in the Development of the Union in Europe. This talk is based on an article on the recent developments in EU citizenship law forthcoming in Columbia Journal of European Law (Vol. 18, Issue 1, Fall 2011).



Comments on Citizenship in Europe (Conference held at University of Rome III)


Rainer Bauböck talks on Multilayered Citizenship in the EU at the conference Giornate per l'Europa-Cittadinanza dell'Unione: un puzzle da comporre, Faculty of Political Science, University of Rome III, 11-13 May 2011




Virginie Guiraudon talks on National and European Citizenship still bound at the hip? at the conference Giornate per l'Europa-Cittadinanza dell'Unione: un puzzle da comporre, Faculty of Political Science, University of Rome III, 11-13 May 2011



Dimitry Kochenov talks on Tensions between Member States' nationality and European Citizenship at the conference Giornate per l'Europa-Cittadinanza dell'Unione: un puzzle da comporre, Faculty of Political Science, University of Rome III, 11-13 May 2011


Comments on the ECJ judgment in the Zambrano case

On 8 March 2011 the European Court of Justice decided that third country national parents of a child who is an EU citizen have a right to residence and access to employment in the country of which the child is a national. The judgment expands the scope of rights derived from EU citizenship to situations that were previously considered to be internal to member states and regulated by their national laws. It also challenges so-called reverse discrimination of EU citizens who reside in their country of citizenship and have not made use of their free movement rights.

Links to the full text of the judgment and the opinion of the Attorney General

Read a summary of the case by Rainer Bauböck

Read an analysis of implications of the judgment by Anja Wiesbrock and a comment by Loïc Azoulai

Read our CITIZENSHIP FORUM debate on the earlier judgment in the Rottmann case

Keiva Carr

The Zambrano Case: towards a "Family Citizenship"?

by Keiva Carr (EUI)


Johanna Croon comments on the Zambrano Case


Alice Margaria comments on the Zambrano Case


Future Impact of Zambrano

by Stephen Coutts (EUI)



EUDO Citizenship Video presentations

EUDO Dissemination Conference 18-19 November 2010 in Brussels

Watch the presentations by Rainer Bauböck, Rainer Münz, Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea and Tony Venables at the EUDO CITIZENSHIP panel

Download the powerpoint presentation by Rainer Bauböck and Iseult Honohan on "Access to citizenship in Europe: birthright and naturalisation"

Download the powerpoint presentation by Rainer Münz "Citizenship in a European Context"