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European Commission publishes its 2017 EU Citizenship report

The European Commission has published its third EU Citizenship Report, focusing on the progress in the exercise of EU citizenship rights since 2014 and presenting actions aimed at enhancing citizens’ awareness on how to fully enjoy these rights. 

The report notes that most Europeans are aware of their right to live and work in other EU Member States. However, they are not fully aware of the mechanisms for exercising their right to vote in European and local elections. EU citizens are also commonly not aware  of their right to consular protection from other Member States' embassies. To enhance the knowledge and understanding of these issues among EU citizens, the Commission will undertake a number of awareness-raising issues.

See the Press Release for more details, and check out the summary and full text of the 2017 EU Citizenship report. 

Other useful documents include Factsheets on Commission actions in the field of EU citizenship 2013-2016 and on 2015 Public Consultation on EU citizenship, Technical report on the legislative developments and jurisprudence on EU citizenship (Article 25), EU Citizenship programme, and 2015 surveys on electoral rights and citizenship.